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The Bomanjee Dinshaw Petit Parsee General Hospital
List of Honorary Medical Officers
Honorary Physicians
Dr. F. E. Udwadia Dr. K. M. Mody Dr. C. B. Wadia Dr. B. S. Pardiwalla
Dr. J. A. Chichgar Dr. J. D. Sunavala Dr. C. B. Kohiar Dr. Z. F. Udwadia
Dr. (Mrs.) A. C. Contractor
(Honorary Associate Physician)
Dr. Aditya S. Agarwal
(Honorary Associate Physician)
Honorary Cardiologists
Dr. S. A. Golwalla Dr. B. B. Ichaporia
Neurologists / Neuro Physicians
Dr. J. A. Lalkaka
(Honorary Neuro Physician)
Dr. P. M. Wadia
(Honorary Associate Neuro Physician)
Dr. Sudhiranjan Dash
(Honorary Nephrologist)
Dr. Rushi Deshpande
(Honorary Nephrologist)
Dr. H. A. Shah
(Honorary Associate Nephrologist)
Dr. F. P. Mistry
(Honorary Gastroenterologist)
Dr. P. S. Shah
(Honorary Associate Gastroenterologist)
Dr. Vishal Gupta
(Honorary Associate Endocrinologist)
Dermatologists & Venereologists
Dr. H. B. Sanjana
(Honorary Dermatologists & Venereologist)
Dr. S. L. Wadhwa
(Honorary Dermatologist & Venereologist)
Dr. (Ms.) F. P. Vandrewalla
Honorary Associate (Dermatologists & Venereologist)
Dr. R. F. Chinwala
(Dermatologists & Venereologist)
Dr. Behroze M. Deputy
(Honorary Associate Dermatologist)
Dr. Sunay P. Pradhan
(Honorary Associate Psychiatrist)
Dr. (Ms.) P. D. Dadachanji
(Honorary Psychiatrics)
Dr. Rohann Bokdawala
(Honorary Associate Psychiatrics)
Ms. K. K. Turel
(Honorary Psychologist)
Ms. K. B. Cooper
(Honorary Associate Psychologist)
Mrs. Nilufer Mistry
(Honorary Associate Psychologist)
Honorary Paediatricians
Dr. N. J. Dalal Dr. (Ms.) F. S. Bhabha Dr. (Ms.) M. K. Joshi
Dr. C. P. Contractor Dr. (Ms.) S. H. Mullan    
Medical Oncologists
Dr. B. N. Dhabhar
(Honorary Medical Oncologist)
Honorary Surgeons
Dr. T. E. Udwadia Dr. A. R. Nazir Dr. K. P. Balsara
Dr. (Ms.) P. F. Desai Dr. (Ms.) C. N. Dubash Dr. K. B. Kapadia
Dr. B. B. Pardiwalla Dr. R. T. Udwadia Dr. M. A. Nazir
(Honorary Associate Surgeon)
Dr. Khojasteh S. Dastoor
(Honorary Associate Surgeon)
Dr. Biswanath P. Gouda
(Honorary Associate Surgeon)
Honorary Cardio-Vascular Surgeons
Dr. A. Somaya
Honorary Urologists / Uro-Surgeons
Dr. P. J. Chibber Dr. P. F. Soonawalla
Hon. Neuro Surgeons
Dr. M. J. Virani Dr. S. N. Shah Dr. A. S. Chagla
Plastic / Reconstructive Surgeons
Dr. H. M. Bhathena
(Honorary Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. R. F. Ginwalla
(Honorary Associate Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. V. N. Driver
(Honorary Associate Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. M. F. Desai
(Honorary Associate Plastic Surgeon)
Honorary Orthopaedic Surgeons
Dr. P. D. Hakim Dr. P. R. Sidhva Dr. J. J. Bunshah
Dr. S. P. Vatcha Dr. V. H. Jokhi Dr. F. J. Taraporvala
Dr. D. F. Soonawalla R. A. Mody
(Hon. Assoc. Ortho. Surgeon)
Dr. Vishal Shinde
(Hon. Assoc. Ortho. Surgeon)
Onco Surgeons
Dr. A. V. Dalal (Honorary Onco Surgeon) Dr. K. S. Sethna (Honorary Associate Onco Surgeon)
Dr. C. K. Mehta
(Honorary Associate Ophthalmologist)
Dr. R. P. Jehangir
(Honorary Ophthalmologist)
Dr. (Ms.) V. N. Bamboat
(Honorary Ophthalmologist)
Dr. D. D. Nicholson
(Honorary Ophthalmologist)
Dr. M. D. Nicholson
(Honorary Assoc. Ophthalmologist)
Top Honorary Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Dr. (Ms.) N. D. Motashaw Dr. R. P. Soonawalla Dr. R. K. Bhathena
Dr. (Mrs.) M.S. Chaina Dr. (Ms.) K. S. Adrianwalla Dr. (Ms.) J. P. Bhada
Dr. A. M. Raimalwalla Dr. (Ms.) A. N. Dadina Dr. K. P. Paghdiwalla
Dr. N. K. Sheriar Dr. F. R. Soonawalla Dr. (Ms.) A. D. Pandole
(Honorary Associate Obst & Gynaecologist)
Oto-Rhino-Laryngologists/Ent Specialists
Dr. D. M. Anklesaria
(Honorary ENT Surgeon)
Dr. (Mrs.) P. P. Hakim
(Honorary ENT Surgeon)
Dr. Nitin Gupta
(Honorary Associate Consultant ENT Head & Neck Onco Surgeon)
Dr.(Ms.) Sumeeta Chopra
(Honorary Associate ENT Surgeon)
Dr. Mitul C. Bhatt
Honorary Associate ENT Surgeon)
Audiologists / Speech Therapists
Mrs. Z. A. Rangwalla
(Honorary Audiologist & Speech Therapist)
Dr. Anuja J. Katrak
(Honorary Speech & Language Therapist)
Honorary Anaesthesiologists
Dr. G. J. Bhagat Dr. (Ms.) D. J. Devadhwalla Dr. (Ms.) P. A. Mahimtura
Dr. (Ms.) N. K. Tibrewala Dr. (Ms.) A. A. Desai Dr. (Ms.) P. P. Doshi
Dr. (Ms.) D. V. Jokhi Dr. (Ms.) S. F. Balsara Dr. Yogesh M. Bhalerao
Dr. Shilpa D. Trivedi        
Top Honorary Radiologists
Dr. J. N. Sidhva Dr. S. J. Sidhva
Honorary Sonologists
Dr. S. J. Sidhva Dr. R. H. Kothari
Honorary Haematologists
Dr. V. P. Antia
Dental Surgeons
Dr. M. R. Bamboat
(Honorary Dental Surgeon)
Dr. (Ms.) A. M. Havewala
(Honorary Dental Surgeon)
Dr. N. R. Kavina Dr. N. S. Kotwal
Dr. U. E. Fanibunda
(Hon. Assoc. Endodontist)
Dr. Anahita Sinor
(Hon. Assoc. Dental Surgeon)
Dr. K. K. Dadachanji
(Hon. Assoc. Dental Surgeon)
Honorary Homeopathic Physicians
Dr. (Mrs.) D. D. Gamadia Dr. F. J. Master Dr. S. K. R. Pavri Dr. (Ms.) P. V. Pardiwalla
Dr. A. T. Jagose
Honorary Acupuncturists
Dr. S. E. Batlivala
Honorary Visiting Consultants
Dr. (Mrs.) N. N. Barsiwala Dr. E. P. Bharucha Dr. (Ms.) S. R. Khubchandani
Dr. Z. R. Umrigar Dr. D. K. Karanjawala Dr. K. H. Kapadia
Dr. B. J. Wadia        
The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, Bomanjee Petit Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai - 400 036.
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