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Patient Guide
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(A Patient Guide may be asked for at the Reception / Admission Desk)
Emergency Admissions are made 24 hours a day, subject to (a) an assessment of the medical emergency by the Casualty Medical Officer; and (b) the availability of the appropriate bed category
Please contact the Medical Superintendent / Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) for all matters relating to admissions and patient care
You can choose bed / room category based on your requirements and preference
A schedule of room / bed charges for different categories of beds is available at the reception / admission desk.
If you want admission to charity care beds, your eligibility for such admission will be assessed by the Hospital based on the following criteria:
Free (Indigent) Patients having family income up to Rs. 85,000/- p.a.
Highly Subsidized (Weaker Section) Patient having family Income between Rs. 85,000/- and Rs. 1,60,000/- p.a.
In addition to the above, “Indigent” and “Weaker Section” categories of patients, based on the income criteria laid down by the Honourable Bombay High Court Order dated 17th August 2006, some of the “Poor Patients of the Community” whose income may be same or more than the income prescribed for the “Weaker Section” Patients may also be treated as “Free” or “Highly Subsidized” Patients due to they being in financial distress because of family commitments.
For Admission to Charity Care Beds:
Obtain a Refer to Social Worker (RSW) form from the Reception / Admission desk
Take the completed RSW form along with your ration card / below poverty line card / electricity bill / telephone bill / rent receipt / bank passbook to the Social Worker within 24 hours of admission. The Social Worker will further process the application and forward this for a final decision to the Management.
The decision of the Management on your eligibility or otherwise for admission to the charity care bedwill be final and binding.
A patient having a Mediclaim Policy is not eligible to apply for a charity care bed.
The submission of the Patient Record Form at the time of admission in mandatory. When completing the Patient Record Form, you are requested to initial the bed rate and the deposit receipt issued at the admission counter.
If after admission, it is determined on the basis of new information, that you are not entitled for charity care, you will be:
Moved to the appropriate paying bed category; and
- Required to pay appropriate charges as determined by the Management, from the date of admission.
Prior booking of beds is possible. However bed availability is not guaranteed
A change from a lower bed category to a higher category is permissible subject to the availability of the appropriate bed category and payment of higher charges from the date of admission.
A change from a higher bed category to a lower category may be permitted under special circumstances, subject to the availability of the appropriate bed category, the agreement of the Hon. Consultant and at the sole discretion of the management. Lower rates will be charged from the date of actual transfer. Bills for the use of the earlier bed category should be cleared before transfer to the lower bed category.
The Hospital reserves the right to transfer a patient to a lower bed category if running bills are not paid in time
For the purposes of room rent, a day, will be counted as commencing from midnight to midnight.
Cashless service for the time being has been held in abeyance.
For all matters relating to nursing care please contact the Ward In-charge / Matron / Chief Nursing Superintendent.
The discharge time is any time before midnight.
All formalities are to be completed by 4 pm..
Once your discharge is advised by your Consultant, your Discharge Card will be prepared by the Resident Medical Officer (RMO).
The ‘D’ Form prepared by the ward staff is to be submitted to the Billing Department. The requisite payment should then be made so as to obtain your Clearance Slip.
The Clearance Slip issued by the Billing Department is to be handed to the ward staff so that the patient can be discharged.
A part of the Security Deposit may be adjusted at the time of discharge, and some amount will be retained by the Hospital.
Your final bill will be prepared within four working days after your discharge and your account closed.
Charges and Billing
Bed / Room Charges
Include room rent, linen, meals for the patient, attendance by Junior Resident Doctor under instruction of attending Hon. Medical Consultant, Nursing and Housekeeping services.
Do not include costs of medical supplies, diagnostic tests, operative procedures, physiotherapy, professional fees of attending doctors, charges for private nurses and attendants, meals for the attendant and private nurse. These are payable in addition to the room rent.
The emergency charges of additional 30% for carrying out diagnostics tests, use of operation theatre and professional fees of surgeons and anaesthetists for emergency surgery are applicable between 7:00p.m. to 7:00a.m. on all working days; after 1:00p.m. on working Saturdays; and on Sundays and all Hospital holidays.
All charges and deposits are subject to change without prior notice, at the sole discretion of the Management.
The advance deposit has to be paid at the time of admission.
All deposit receipts are provisional and should be preserved with care, as you are required to produce these at the time of the payment of the final bill for claiming a refund.
An additional deposit will be collected if you are transferred to the I.C.U. or undergo an operative procedure, which was not planned earlier.
Running bills are presented every week, and are payable in full within forty-eight hours of presentation. The advance deposit paid at admission is not adjustable against any bills.
An estimated bill will be presented at the time of discharge and is payable immediately before discharge.
The final bill will be settled by post within four working days of discharge.
All payments during office hours should be made at the cash counter against an official receipt.
The Hospital accepts payments by cheque. For your convenience a special collection box for cheques has been placed at the Reception / Information Desk. You may deposit your cheque accompanied by the details of the patients’ name, registration number and date of bill. Receipts for cheques deposited may be obtained from the office the next day.
Please contact the Accounts Department for any issues relating to billing.
Cashless Service / Third Party Administrator (TPA) Medical Insurances
Currently this service is held in abeyance pending negotiations with the TPA / Insurance companies.
Do's and Don't's
You are strongly advised not to;
Keep large amounts of cash, valuable or jewellery on your person or with you in your room. The Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss of personal cash, valuables or jewellery from the Hospital premises
Tip or pay Hospital employees for services rendered in the Hospital.
Store food materials in your room, as this attracts pests
Retain food trays for long hours, as this disrupts the staff’s work schedule.
Consume / store alcohol / narcotic drugs in your room.
If you wish to give some cash gift to the staff at anytime / at the time of your discharge, please do not pay the staff individually. Please deposit your gift in the special cash collection boxes placed near each nursing station. This money is collected and distributed to all lower category staff
You are not permitted to keep personal domestic attendants in the Hospital, except under exceptional circumstances and only after obtaining prior permission of Medical Superintendent / AMO
Relative and Private nurses attending the patient can request for meals from the Hospital with prior notice. These will be billed to your account
You are expected to take care of crockery and cutlery provided by the Hospital. Any loss or breakage will be charged to your account
Please keep the doors closed when you are using air-conditioner
Relatives of patients in General Ward are not permitted to stay at Night with the patient
Utility Services
Private Nurses / Attendants: On request and with prior notice, the Chief Nursing Superintendent / Matron can arrange for private nurses or attendants, subject to their availability. The Hospital does not accept any responsibility for the actions of such outside staff hired on a daily basis. These individuals are to be paid directly by you at rates, which have been negotiated by the Hospital. Please do not offer them higher charges or use them as domestic help.
Ambulance: Should you need an ambulance, the reception / admission desk or the telephone operatorcan help you to make these arrangements
Cafeteria:A cafeteria managed by the Sir Ratan Tata Institute (RTI) is open between 8:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. on all days for your convenience. This service is not managed by the Hospital.
Chemist:  A chemist shop is located within the Hospital premises for your convenience. You have the option on whether or not you wish to use this facility. The Hospital does not accept any responsibility for goods directly purchased by you from the chemist shop
Parking is at the owner’s own risk
For parking at night, a pass is to be taken from the security
The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, Bomanjee Petit Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai - 400 036.
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