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Renovation and Refurbishment

The Hospital endeavored to keep pace with the advancement of medical sciences and to provide the members of the community, the latest in terms of Diagnostics and Health Care Services at optimal cost. Thus from the year 1991 started the era of reconstruction and renovation wherein old buildings and the aging infrastructure facilities were taken up with munificent donations from kind donors who rose to the occasion to take the Hospital to the current level where it matches the facilities of any other General Hospital in Mumbai. The following renovation work was taken up during the period from 1991 to 2009 and executed with the unstinted financial support from munificent donors.

Construction of Jokhi Wing
The project was conceived during the year 1991, work started during the year 1992 and inauguration was done in January 1995. This Project was made possible through the munificent donations of Rs.15 million by Late Mr. Shapoorji Fakirji Jokhi which was very generously and graciously increased to Rs.45 Million by Mr. Keki F. Jokhi – Shapoor Jokhi Charitable Foundation. The entire Jokhi Wing is Air-conditioned and is connected to the 'A' Wing and 'Main Wing' at each floor level with two elevators. The Jokhi Wing houses the following:

  • On the ground floor there is Department of Radiology, ultrasonography, electrocardiograph and pathology. Later during 1997, our Blood Bank was authorized for HIV Certification of Blood and located adjacent to the Pathology.

  • On the first floor there are four Operation Theatres with all ancillary facilities and equipment befitting the Modern Operation Theatre.

  • Second floor houses the Intensive Care Unit with 12 beds with matching infrastructure and life support equipment like ventilators as well as central monitoring equipment. Later, 4 additional beds for surgical cases were added.

Renovation of 'A' Wing
The work of renovation of 'A' Wing commenced in the year 1999 and was completed in 2002 at a project cost of approx. Rs. 80 million through generous donations received from Zarthosti Brothers, Mr. Keki F. Jokhi - Mr. Shapoor F. Jokhi Charitable Foundation, The Incorporated Trustees of the Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hongkong, Canton & Macao.

'A' Wing was commissioned in March 2002. This wing with three floors provides for 61 single occupancy rooms with attached toilets and baths. Most of the rooms are air-conditioned. This wing also accommodates a modern Labour Room and Delivery Room on the first floor to handle maternity cases. In addition there are four day care unit beds. All rooms in this Wing are connected with piped gas and vacuum suction. In addition the solar heating panels were also fitted for hot water supply to each bath room as energy saving measure.

Construction of Senior Citizen's Home
Another milestone covered by the Hospital is the Construction of "Pallonji Shapoorji Home for Senior Citizens of The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital". The Project was conceived during the year 2003-04, costing approximately Rs.56.75 Milllions. The work started during August 2005 and the Home started functioning with effect from 1st January 2007. The Home accommodates senior citizens above the age group of 65 in homely rooms/beds and comfortable environment with excellent facilities and high standard of living for all sections of our Community. The response from the Community Members for the Senior Citizens Home has indeed been heart warming.

Renovation of Main Wing
The renovation work commenced in all earnestness in October 2004 and the Main Wing was inaugurated in March 2009 whereby the old Main wing of the Hospital was revitalized. By July 2009 the major renovation work was completed and the Hospital started functioning with 220 beds out of which 117 beds are for free and highly subsidized patients. All the beds for free and highly subsidized patients have been provided with curtains and have piped gas as well as Bed side Lights for undertaking insitu procedures, as and when required. In addition the solar heating panels are provided for hot water supply to all the patient’s bath rooms for energy saving.

The total renovation work of the Main Wing was completed at an estimated cost of approximately Rs.195 millions received from kind donors and it houses the following:

  • The Ground Floor of the Main Wing renamed as NUSLY PETIT [Sir Dinshaw Petit, 4th Baronet] Wing has been renovated from the donation received from the Trustees of F. D. Petit Sanatorium Trust and accommodates Medical Stores, Pharmacy, Administrative Office, Physiotherapy Department, Casualty and Offices of Senior Executives including the new and elegant State-of-the-Art Conference Room.

  • The First Floor of the Main Wing, except the Ward in Memory of Late Firoze S. Wadia, has been renovated from the generous donations received from the Incorporated Trustees of the Zoroastrian Charity funds of Hongkong Canton & Macao. The Ward in the Memory of Late Firoze S. Wadia has been renovated from the donation received from the Estate of Late Feroze Sorab Wadia. The first floor accommodates Free Female and Male Patients and Free Geriatric Female and Male Patients.

  • The Second Floor renovated from the munificent donation made by Mr. Keki F. Jokhi - Mr. Shapoor F. Jokhi Charitable Foundation and it accommodates subsidised and highly subsidised patients. Also on the same floor, a new Mani & Jamshed Munsiff Memorial Ward has been created from a very generous donation received from the Estate of Late Mr. Jamshed P Munsiff which will provide concessional treatment to patients.

Upgrade to Infrastructure
As a part of renovation and upgradation, the following support infrastructure and ancillaries of the Hospital were also upgraded during the period 2004-09 to meet the modernized Hospital requirement:

  • Information Technology Set-up: Replacement of eleven year old Server, Local Area Network, switches and 70 Desk Top Terminals with state-of-the-art equipment along with latest version of Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) covering all functions of Hospital Wards and Departments activities and fully underground cabling including fiber optics for telephone and data network for the entire Hospital at an estimated cost of approx. Rs.85 million.

  • Backup Power Supply System: Replacement of an old 320 KVA DG Set with two 400 KVA DG Set together with an existing 380 KVA DG Set to form an synchronized automatic power supply network to take over the electrical load of the entire Hospital within seconds at an estimated cost of approximately Rs.95 Lacs. In addition a 30 KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) takes care of the critical areas of ICU, OT, Pathology besides a 10 KVA UPS System for Blood Bank.

  • 11 KV High Tension Sub-station: In order to save approximately 20% cost of Electrical Energy consumed, a high tension substation along with transformers and electrical panels has been established at an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 1.5 crores.
  • Water Supply System: Three new bore wells for rain water harvesting along with new storm water drains, new pumping station and new pipeline network together with additional underground water supply tanks for supply of drinking water, well water for toilets and garden we well as for revamped Fire Hydrant System at an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 75 Lacs was completed.

  • Air Conditioning Plant: Two old air-conditioning plants along with AHU and fan coil units were replaced with the enhanced capacity units to take on the additional load of Physiotherapy, Casualty, Pharmacy, Medical Store, Data Centre, Hub Room and Administrative Office in the Main Wing at an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 65 lacs.

  • Solar Water Heating System: The requirement of hot water for all Wards and Departments located in Main Wing was worked out to be 15,000 litres per day and accordingly Solar Water Heating System of the requisite capacity was installed at a cost of Rs. 26 lacs.
  • Modernization of Kitchen: We have modernized our Kitchen during the year 2013-14 at an estimated cost of Rs.1.3 Crores received from a munificent Donor. It has State of the Art Equipment and accessories and is likely to be commissioned by the end of the year.
The Parsee General Hospital has grown in service to become a pace-setter for medical treatment and a testimony to the foresight of the founders.
The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, Bomanjee Petit Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai - 400 036.
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