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Testimonials (pertaining to last five years only)
One of our friends was at the PGH few weeks ago since his sister was in Intensive Care. They stayed there for 2/3 weeks. They were all praises for the care and treatment she got. He told us “I was Impressed”. The family was very happy with everything. Thank you to staff and all for their services.

Yasmin & Jamshed Ghadiali
Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the services rendered to me when I was admitted to the Hospital by Dr. Noor and the entire staff of the Male Ward. Thank you very much & God Bless you All. Warm regards.

Mr. Farokh D. Irani
We would really like to say that at the time of our stay for treatment, Dr. Noor Khan has been a great help throughout. Any patient would want such a courteous and considerate Doctor in our hour of need. Wish him all the Best & success in life. To add, I would state our Nursing Staff all were really good too..

Mrs. Parveen Adi Dubash.
My mother was admitted to the Hospital on 25/09/2018 for colonoscopy and got operated for prolapsed of the rectum on 27/09/2018 by efficient Dr. Kaiyomarz Kapadia and his team. Dr. Noor Khan and Dr. Arun Chavan were very patient and sympathetic before and after the operation. Dr. Noor would visit us even twice a day. Dr. Arun came specially to our room to explain with the help of a diagram, how the operation was done. I am very thankful to Dr. Noor Khan & Dr. Arun for making our stay comfortable.

Khursheed J Sethna
I was admitted to the Parsee General Hospital in the C Ward Bed No.CM12. On the 10th of October 2018 late at night, lot of pain had occurred to me. I call for the Houseman as late as nearly 1 o’clock at night. To my surprise and happiness, one Dr. Noor Khan came rushing and was immediately there for me. Such Doctors are very rare. This is in commendation and my appreciation for the same. Thanks Dr. Noor. I wish to say thanks to the umpteen number of Nurses (inclusive of all the belts) the students, the Ward boys, the cleaning staff and ofcourse above and all, the Doctors who run this edifice ‘The Parsee General Hospital’ endlessly, untiringly. God Bless. Thanks.

Mr. Parvez H. Variava
I was admitted in A2 -116 under Dr. T. E. Udwadia. Dr. Arun & Dr. Noor have given us very good service by coming daily and frequently more than five times to enquire for my health. You should keep these type of Doctors more and they explain about surgery nicely in details. And in emergency, they are on time. Their services are excellent.

Mr. Khurshed K. Irani
I, Mrs. Parizad D Bajan am hereby writing this letter to appreciate the sincerity and dedication I have seen over one month when my brother-in-law Mr. Hosi Bajan was admitted here in a very bad condition. The care & affection shown by Dr. Arun and Dr. Noor was remarkable. I would like to place on record and would like to sincerely thank Dr. Coomi Dubash and her team for taking my brother-in-law’s case & treating him in the best way possible. A Big Thank You to all at Parsee General Hospital, without you all my brother-in-law’s treatment would not have been possible.

Mrs. Parizad D Bajan

At the onset, let me congratulate you & your team for the stupendous work you are doing in running the Parsi General Hospital so efficiently & well. I have been regularly accompanying Miss Tehmi Sarkari, a free patient who lives in Dr. Dosibai Home at Byculla since the last 3 years. The monthly visit to the Parsee General Hospital entails an OPD visit for Dr. A Contractor’s consultation and a change of ‘Supra Pubic’ Catheter in the casualty ward. Miss Tehmi Sarkari joins me in thanking all the staff and doctors, especially Dr. Noor for being very efficient, a thorough gentleman always polite and soft spoken. Infact, Tehmi insists only on Dr. Noor to change the catheter and he always makes the time to complete the procedure however busy he may be.
May The B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital with its soothing ambience and excellent staff and facilities progress from strength to strength and continue doing the excellent work for our community for years to come!

Ms. Zarine Bahmani
C/2 Rustom Baug, Byculla

A year back when my friend Daulat Driver was very sick & unable to move herself, it was a great relief when Ms. Nilufer Bam helped us move her to PGH under care and in safe hands. I would like to thank you and your excellent staff for having looked after my friend Daulat Driver for nearly 4 months. You all really made her feel at home and she thoroughly enjoyed staying at PGH. It was the perfect place for her. She loved her dormitory, admired Matilda and all the staff who worked under her. You all helped her walk, eat and hugged her when she felt she was alone.

That is how we know these old persons who are not wanted by the family have a place to stay. Having been independent all her life, it was not easy to blend with other people..

I would like to thank all the Doctors, Nurses, Maids & Ward Boys who have diligently taken care of her. All this was bearable because we had loveable matron, nurse and care takers. During the time of discharge, I was to tip all the maids & ward boys, but Matilda was stern in telling us No Tips. Once again, I thank Matilda & her team for taking such good care of my friend.

Sheraz Kotwal
This is in reference to the recent admission in Room 204 of my wife, Aban in our esteemed hospital. At the very onset, let me say, that basically right from the admission to her discharge the process was extremely smooth, patient friendly, & the people in charge of various sections were super-efficient.
The Staff in A2 ward were brilliant, polite, prompt, knowledgeable and very pro-active – a rare sight in most hospitals. As a Surgeon in this hospital it has been seen by me in various wards too. The Nurses are neatly dressed & really kind to all the patients irrespective of the category of patients.
The food (as an insider, now ) was strictly monitored by me...and believe me, it was simply excellent quality, ample portions, and tasty. If anyone complains about this food, they need a Hotel stay and not a Hospital stay. My friend Ms Shirin Batlivala who is in–charge of the Breach Candy Hospital food was there when the food was served and she too was in awe of the quality and quantity and taste of the food last Sunday. Your dietician, Ms Sabiha was very friendly and did a detailed talk with the patient and provided each meal as per the patients liking (including breakfast ) Kudos to her. She also checked if each meal was to her liking too. Obviously keeping the medical issues of the patient in mind.

The servants were quick, prompt and all did their share of job without any pestering or bothering. I have seen this even for Other patients, as would be with my wife ever so often.
All systems are well in place, and so I must Congratulate all the working members of this hospital who have brought our great Hospitals to this high level of excellence.
The Pathology department too, lead by Dr. Ansari, have been super quick and super efficient in their work. My great thanks to him and his team.

Sir, there are people who like to criticize everything in life, to show their “class”!! But in reality, they are only fooling themselves and spreading wrong information to the very Hospital which is the ONLY one dedicated to our miniscule Community. Sadly, some of my own colleagues, in order to play up their patients, tarnish the name of the very Hospital, which provided them with their food when they started off their Practice.
Sir, I thank you & your Staff for a very comfortable and stress-free stay for my wife. May you continue this very trend..

Dr. Bomi B. Pardiwalla.
63 Peddar Road,
Having spent 3 weeks in the Nursing Home I feel I must record my personal experience of my stay there for my fellow committee members.

We Parsis have a habit of running down the PGH forgetting the yeoman service doing for the poor. I feel that the good work it is doing, should be publicised because we only publicise our complaints but never our satisfaction. I can honestly say that I found, everything just right. The staff from Nurses to Ward boys were courteous and attentive at all times and quite prompt.

Aban I must say the food was excellent just what a bawa like me loves and the right quantity for one person. What I enjoyed most was the relaxed atmosphere and the homely feeling which you canít get
at Breach Candy and other 5 star hospitals. I must give full marks to General and his team for this and thank them for this pleasant experience.

Jamshed Kanga

I humbly with folded hands, wish to thank you Sirs as my wife Mrs Dinoo Jamshed Bugli who suffered a paralytic stroke on whole of left side and she was admitted on 27/6/2015 till 12.7.2016 (one year ). She was 92 years old then. You kind Sirs, admitting needy poor patients totally free of cost and that too for such a long time, I pray to Almighty to keep you and your family members in best of health, wealth and happiness, it my true blessing to you both. I also wish to thank Sr. Matilda, Staff Nurses, Ward Boys, Ayahs and Female Sweepers of Free Female Ward, They all took utmost care of my wife just like their mother.

Jamshed H. Bugli.
Old Khareghat Colony, Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400007
Parsi General Hospital needs No Comments. Excellent is the only word for the entire service, and that too in a free –ward. Two months stay of my 92 years old aunty was commendable. Observed complete change in every respect. Please maintain the same tempo. God Bless all for maintaining such environment and service.

Marazban Toddywalla
I thank you for the excellent treatment given to me during my hospitalization for dengue on 4th November 2015. Everyone the Doctors, Nursing Staff, Catering Dept, Ward boys, Ayahs and the lower staff were very attentive and efficient. We are indeed privileged to have such a fine Institute to cater to the needs exclusively for our Community. May the Parsee General Hospital continue to flourish under able guidance and leadership of Mr. & Mrs.Petit.

Daulat R. Dhalla
I thank you for the treatment given by your esteemed Hospital to my Late Brother Rustom D. Patel. He survived the last few years due to the good and prompt treatment given by the doctors, nursing staff and the general staff who ensured that he was comfortable at all times. May God bless the Trustees and the Staff to continue doing this noble job to the deserving members of our Community.

Sam D. Patel
Asst. Commissioner of Police (Retd.)
P-15, S. Bharucha Colony, Andheri (West)
MUMBAI 400 058
I thank the Sister In Charge of Free Male Ward and the Nursing Staff for the treatment accorded to me during my stay from 1.1.15 to 28.2.15. They worked in perfect co-ordination and took great care of the patients which helped me to recover after my skin grafting operation.

Adi Hormuzd Kermani
This comes in a very special way to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Nursing Staff of the ĎBí Ward Sister Priya and her team for their caring hands and love in their hearts to help the patients to recover their good health. I was critically ill and due to their care I recovered fast. We pray to God for their good health so that these beautiful souls continue to serve humanity with all their love and care.

Ardeshir Dara Dudha
I the undersigned Mr Sam K. Randeria, the brother of Late Sister Khorshed F. Irani, aged 66 years suffering from Kidney failure and she was under your treatment for last so many months due to the kind co operation of your Mr Hector Mehta, The Managing Trustee Mr J. Adajania, Mr P.A. Shah (AMO) and the Superintendent Saheb along with Madam Kiran who helped me a lot in getting dialysis to be arranged by Mr Hector Mehta by getting a donation from the Donors with which she was able to survive but unfortunately she expired on 28.3.2014 at 5.15 am. I also thank the Ward Staff and even the subordinate staff was very co operative in discharging of their duties.

Sam K. Randeria
Parekh Dharamshala,
Hughes Road,
MUMBAI - 400007
I would like to thank the Trustees for sanctioning the application of my Late Aunt, Aloo Jamshedji Arethwala and providing her free treatment at your esteemed Hospital. I would also like to thank the Doctors, Nurses and all other Staff Members for providing necessary assistance and taking good care of her during her stay.

Maher M. Sadri
Bhagyalaxmi Bldg.
Kennedy Bridge
MUMBAI 400 004
I have to thank each and every one of you for all the assistants and love that you have showered on my Masi. Since she is dumb & deaf and does not have a formal education, she is not in a position to express her self. It is for this reason that I write to thank you all on her behalf.

Having spent two months constantly visiting Masi, at the Petit Parsee General Hospital has given me an insight of our community. We are not always what we are made out to be: elite, educated and a compassionate lot, Very often this is far from the truth. There were some patients from far off villages with minimal or no education. There were some whose properties are usurped by neighbours or relatives, and yet there were some whose children did not care a jot for their patients. If only they could imbibe the values that were displayed at the Hospital, our world would be a better place to live in.

Thank you all once again

Miss Mani Patel
Baxter Cottage, 22 St. Martins Road,
Bandra, Mumbai 400050
MUMBAI 400 004
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how nice it was to have spent a fortnight, in a clean well run hospital, with a caring staff. After your ringing of the call bell, someone appeared in a trice.

Sosan Limjee Panday
125, Wodehouse Rd.
Colaba, Mumbai 400005
My Grandmother Mrs. Najoo Behram Bhiwandiwalla has spent over a month in your hospital. Your services are excellent, The Matron and Nurses / Ward Boys on the 2nd floor 1A rooms have looked after my grandmother impeccably.
All your staff are very caring and always more than willing to help out at anytime.

Farida Behram Dubash
Queens Court,
Worli, Mumbai
The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, Bomanjee Petit Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai - 400 036.
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